Japanese Ramen Munchie-Ken | Irvine, Fountain Valley, Los Angeles

Discover Munchie-ken, where we blend Japanese tradition with fusion innovation. Explore our diverse menu of fish-based ramen and rice bowls, carefully crafted for an authentic taste of Japan.


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About us

About us | Owner Chief Tomonori Hashimoto

Only gratitude remains in the bowl.

MUNCHIE-KEN, led by Triple Crown Tokyo Ramen Ranking winner Tomonori Hashimoto, offers a diverse menu of fish-based ramen, including “Smoked Salmon Ramen” and “Garlic Shrimp Ramen” made with fresh ingredients.
Popular fish-based ramen restaurant MENGYO, with 13 locations mainly in Tokyo, has opened its first overseas branch as MUNCHIE-KEN in Fountain Valley, California.
We decided to expand for everyone in the United States to let everyone in the U.S. experience and enjoy the new fish-based ramen from Japan.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Born in Chiba, Japan in 1976. Tomonori started his career as a traditional Japanese chef in a hotel restaurant. While working in a Japanese restaurant he became obsessed with how to make delicious food using just what he had lying around without any use of seasoning and MSG, he wanted to be recognized to have one of the best ramen without having any artificial flavoring. He figured that fish have so many different kinds of taste when cooked or prepared. Then he worked day and night just to perfect his craft, started making fish based broth and eventually started to dream about opening up his own restaurant. After many years in 2016 he finally opened up a ramen shop called Mengyo in Kinshicho, Japan.

Tomonori loves to surf when he has free time when he isn’t making ramen but when he came to the U.S to surf he had realized that everyone loved salmon everywhere around the state. Then he had an idea to make it into a broth that would taste great so that it could be used for delicious ramen broth. Also with all of these trials that he had faced in the past he knows that he would overcome anything.


Experience an extraordinary moment with luxurious Japanese fish-based ramen in America.

We carefully prepare each order from scratch for customers to experience the excellence of seafood through our ramen. Using carefully selected high-quality seafood served fresh, we condensed rich flavors and aromas into every bowl. Our pride lies in the delectable combination of fragrant smoked salmon and succulent shrimp. We are confident that this creation will bring the delicious taste of Japan’s new ramen to America. We promise complete satisfaction and excitement, so enjoy the best bowl to your heart’s content.

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